1. Spawn killing is only allowed with Tripwires and Artillery. There is no shooting, bashing or fragging (grenade, satchel, bazooka) of players in the spawn. If caught laying a tripwire in spawn you cannot fire on players in the spawn. If you are caught running through the spawn you cannot kill players there. You can shoot players outside the spawn as long as it has multiple doorway exits.If and only IF a player is firing on you from a spawn position may you fire upon that player and that player only ie return of fire.

2. Smoking of your own spawn is not allowed, only enemy team can smoke your spawn. Throwing smoke outside ie around your spawn ,for cover, is allowed.

3. The use of "hacks" is not allowed. These include wallhacks, aimbots, and other external programs that enhance gameplay.

4. The use of "glitches" is not allowed. Examples (but not limited to) are running through walls, going under the map, dropping vehicles under the maps and shooting through walls. {BA} admins have discretion to determine if someone is using a glitch.

5. Bad behavior on our server will not be tolerated. These include constantly spamming chat/quick chat, arguing with other players, or the {BA} admins.No political or religous discussions to be held on the server.{BA} admins will determine bad behavior on a case by case basis.

6 . No swearing or swear abbreviations in our server,ventrilo and on our forums.

7. {BA} admins can kick, temp ban or permanent ban players for rules violations or if they feel they have just ground to do so.

8. Be friendly to new guests at our server and help new players with learning to play the game.Remember...we were all noobs once.

9. {BA} operates a Ventrilo server that is for use only by persons playing on the {BA} server. It is not be used for game play on other servers EXCEPT when {BA} scrims against other clans or other functions authorized by the {BA} admins.

10. The use of the website/forum is just for {BA} use only and is not for other clans/servers.

11. Do not use {BA}tag without permission.To gain the tag you must go through proper channels.Continues use of invalid tag will result in kick,temp ban etc.

12. {BA} does not accept names like Hitler or other names which can be shocking/offensive to others. {BA} admins have discretion on what is offensive.

13. Deliberately tricking autobalance in order to play on a certain team is not allowed, you will be warned to change back, failure to do so will result in a kick. Team stacking is also frowned upon, we prefer players 'auto' when joining the game unlees you have a specific reason to do so.



14. {BA} members cannot hold membership in another clan.

15. {BA} members who are banned for any reason from ventrilo, server or website by an admin will be
immediately banned from all 3. NOTE: They also lose their {BA} tag and will have to apply again if they
want to become a {BA} member again. Exceptions can be made by the admin board.

16. {BA} members are to spend most of their COD UO gaming time at their own server. He/she also tries to populate the server when empty, waiting for players when no one is there. Also he/she participates on the website by posting replies or new posts. Every member is expected to spend some time on the server each month.

17. Prefered language on server / during game play (Text or Verbal) is English. Although this will not apply to players who do not speak English.



Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in the admins taking the following 3 actions.


KICK:A player can be kicked from the game,you WILL be able to return immediately,if you don't understand why you were kicked, then ask admin to expalin.If you continue to misbehave the following action is either.........

TEMP BAN: A player can be Temporary Banned for 24 hours, normal occurs after persistent offending, hopefully playerlearns his/her lesson and continues to play in adherance to the server rules.

BAN: A player will be permanently removed from the server.Persistent and continues offending or hacking etc will result in a ban.See below on how to be unbanned.People who are banned can write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
They have to apologize for their behavior and confirm they will abide by the rules we have made.
The admins will hold a discussion to see if said player will be unbanned.Anyone with a complaint about a {BA} admin, member, server/forum player/guest should contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also send a Private Message to any admin on the website forum.{BA} Administrative Board

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