This is the list of maps that are used in {BA} rotations

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bas_berlin_b1 (dusk/summer/russian)

bas_farm_b3 (day/summer/russian)

cf_b (day/winter/russian)

Chemnitz (day/summer/british)

city_assault_f (night/summer/russian)

cobra_b4 (Day/summer/usa)

csb3 (day/summer/british)

cufgw (day/winter/usa)

debrecen_d (day/summer/russian)

debrecen_s (night/winter/russian)

Destroyed_city_bas (day/summer/russian) - No tanks

dminus1_b4 (night/summer/usa) - No Tanks

DownTown_Stalingrad (day/spring/russian)

grunt2_final (day/summer/usa)

grunt_no_bikes (night/summer/usa)

haunted (night/summer/usa) - No tanks

mp_arnsdorf_np (day/summer/usa)

mp_bastogne_b3 (night/winter/usa)

mp_baupte_d2 (day/summer/usa)

mp_baupte_n1 (night/summer/usa)

mp_belarus_winter (night/winter/russian)

mp_biesbosch_ba3 (day/summer/british)

mp_Bouillon (day/winter/usa)

mp_broadsword2 (day/winter/usa)

mp_bulge_sfinal (day/winter/usa)

mp_carentan_bg2 (day/summer/usa)

mp_cherkassy (day/winter/russian)

mp_choke_point_final (day/summer/usa)

mp_CUF_Depot (day/summer/russian)

mp_ex_nihilo_uk (day/summer/british)

mp_foy_ba (day/winter/usa)

mp_frontline (day/summer/usa)

mp_hells_gate_final (day/winter/russian)

mp_hurtgen_ba (day/winter/usa)

mp_italy (day/summer/brit)

mp_jabal (night/summer/usa)

mp_kursk_winter (day/snow/russian)

mp_kurskiii (night/summer/russian)

mp_meuse_beta (day/winter/usa)

mp_narichino (day/winter/russian)

mp_normandy_b1 (day/summer/usa)

mp_notitaly (day/summer/usa)

mp_noville (day/winter/usa)

mp_plateau_b3 (day/summer/usa)

mp_ponyri_winter (day/winter/russian)

mp_rhine_final (day/winter/usa)

mp_road_to_ambleve (day/winter/usa)

mp_roer_f (day/winter/usa)

mp_sword_beach (day/summer/british) No mines

mp_sword_beach_final (day/summer/british) With active mines

mp_tfse (day/summer/russian)

mp_the_front_final (day/summer/russian)

mp_uo_ardennes1944 (day/winter/usa)

mp_uo_barbarossa (day/summer/russian)

mp_uo_dawnville_final (day/summer/usa) - No tanks

mp_uo_gunassault (day/summer/usa)

mp_uo_smolensk (day/summer/russian)

mp_uo_townassault (day/summer/usa)

mp_wesel (day/summer/usa)

mp_wesel2_b1 (day/summer/british)

mp_wesel2_b2 (night/summer/british)

omaha_beach_easy_red_zz (day/summer/usa)

rat_patrol (day/summer/british)

remagenb2 (day/summer/usa)

tobruk_night (night/summer/british)

tobruk_patch (day/summer/british)

uboat (day/summer/british)

Maps not generally used but may appear on special events ( NOT TO BE CHOSEN INROTATION CHOICES )

bas_ava (day/summer/british) Map idea taken from Avatar film. Teleporting sometimes is in nowhere to go in a circle.

desrt (day/summer/british) Desert type map,only dunes and a hot sun.

g2w (night/winter/usa) Grunt2 winter version, bunkers placed a bit differently and one bridge is destroyed.

hill_f (day/winter/usa)

island_asault (day/not known/not known)

iwo_jima (day/summer/usa)

mp_accursed (night/summer/usa) 1 bunker on each side, city map, for a populated server it can be a camping nightmare

mp_darkdays (night/summer/usa) Similar to Nihilo.

mp_dawnville_ba2 (day/summer/usa) Small Dawnville, 1 bunker each side.

mp_kursk2 (day/winter/russian)

mp_tataouine_beta (not known) Desert type map.

mp_towers_final (day/summer/usa)

mp_uo_nightmare (not known) Motorbikes on the map

mp_uo_tuchola_b3 (day/winter/russian) Huge map some people hate, some like. Just your legs will hurt a lot from walking.

tns (night/summer/british) Small Tobruk, 1 bunker each side on former modified British part, G bunker former B3, B bunker fromer B1.

REJECTED MAPS if you can re-do them, you are welcome.(click to see all big pictures)

Rare maps


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