Maps maybe good for the mainserver, please test them.

on BornAttackersII server

(I will add Tunisia and Mayenne later) 


Desert Storm Day  So this map will NOT be on the main server.

I let this map on during night and there were about 20-25 players. I like this map and it's a shame that there were 999 pings more than we usually have.

And some players after respawn were stuck in one place(top of broken bunker) and could not move. 




Hells Gate Summer  YES we can try this map on the mainserver.

Summer version of a popular winter map from BBC.




Luxembourg  YES we can try this map on the mainserver.

from Anarchic-x a nice huge winter map




Austria  NOT for the mainserver, many players cause MaxChars problem.

map from BBC, middle sized town, hills, with a lot of tunnels.


Austria-map Austria-3


Flakstelle YES we can try this map on the mainserver.

map from CuF DOA, looks like predecessor to CuF Depot




Towers  YES this map is OK for the mainserver.

map from CuF DOA, not from WWII but once you get the grip of the map, it's a big fun to play. Hint: either you jump to the parallel stairs in the tower to get to the bridges or you go down the tower and run in the circle around the black wall and you get out of the tower to the ground floor of the map.




Red Forest  YES we can try this map on the mainserver.

from PCGO Gomer Pyle, only one bunker on each side. Hidden bar with authors pictures :-)




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